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INVOLVE training in Paestum hub

In our hub in Paestum, training for administrations started in October, when meetings could still be held in person. In addition to the safety distance and the use of masks, in fact, to avoid the risk of assembly, the components were divided into two distinct groups.

With each group there were two meetings lasting three hours each:

The first group, which met on October 27 and November 10, was composed of Luigi De Padova and Carmine Di Biasi together with Giuseppe Arola (Responsible for unaccompanied minors in the community of Ogliastro), Mariajosé Luongo (Delegate of the Paeve Archaeological Park), Barbara Saponara (Cultural mediator), Longo Pasquale (President of the Legambiente Paestum), Ettore Bellelli (Environment Councilor of the Municipality of Capaccio Paestum) and Giusy Cetrangolo (Delegate of the Migrant Office of the Municipality of Capaccio Paestum); the second group, which met on November 3 and November 14, was attended by Rocco Tasso (Delegate of the Sele-Tanagro river reserve), Mariacarla Indice and Monica Vitale (Volunteers Legambiente), Anselmo Botte (Trade union delegate), Maria Rosaria Picariello (Councilor to social policies Municipality of Capaccio Paestum) and the Priest responsible for the Franciscan convent of S. Antonio.

For discussion with administrators it was decided to take into consideration two points of the Inclusion Model in particular: Cooperation and Involvement.

And it was precisely through these meetings that it was also possible to make a real contribution in this difficult context affected, like the whole world, by the pandemic. In fact, in addition to collecting opinions and proposals on the Inclusion Model, the hub was able to give concrete answers on the territory: thanks to its administrators, it was able to implement a distribution of food packages dedicated to resident foreigners in difficulty and through for more immediate access to the municipal counter that deals with migrants and their needs.