The partners

Legambiente is the most comprehensive environmental association in Italy. It organises numerous awareness campaigns and information activities regarding environmental issues, fights against illegal activities affecting the environment and promotes solidarity. It also addresses the issues of biodiversity conservation and sustainable territorial development. Its 18 regional offices, 1,000 local groups and more than 115,000 members and supporters allow it to stay active throughout the country. In addition, more than 1,000 young people participate in its volunteer camps each year and 30,000 school classes take part in its environmental education programmes.

CCIVS - Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service

CCIVS is an international non-governmental organisation engaged in international voluntary service. It has 176 members in 84 countries and approximately 30,000 volunteers participate each year. It supports and develops projects of different types based on the concept that collaboration is the most effective way to overcome cultural differences. It also works closely with the UN and UNESCO. Since 2015, it has been carrying out the IVS (International Voluntary Service) programme for Climate Justice.

ICJA - Volunteer exchange worldwide

ICJA volunteer exchange worldwide, a member of the International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) Federation, since 1949 promotes peace by offering youth and volunteering exchange programmes. Supported by national and EU funding programmes, ICJA sends around 300 and receives around 90 long-term volunteers per year. ICJA also organizes international Workcamps as well as trainings, youth exchanges and conferences focussing on diversity, peace education and sustainable development. Since 2015 the programme ”SAWA” supports the exchange and cooperation of refugees with members of the local community by facilitating their participation in the “Federal Voluntary Service” programme in Berlin.

SJ (Solidarités Jeunesses)

Solidarités Jeunesses is a popular educational movement that promotes citizen volunteering and intercultural meetings. It also organises international voluntary projects and makes concrete contributions to peacebuilding. Active in several regions across France, the movement aims to promote local social development and political and civic consciousness, particularly in marginal and disadvantaged areas of the country.