The V Municipality of Rome restarts from the acceptance and inclusion of social fragility

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OrtoMondo co-Housing

The OrtoMondo project born as a land to be cultivated together, thanks to the Department of Social Policies of Capaccio-Paestum also becomes a concrete response to the housing emergency problem for asylum seekers that can be extended to all...

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INVOLVE PROJECT STUDY VISIT BERLIN – from 2019-8-7 to 2019-8-19

ICJA e.V. Berlin: Sonja Prinz, Sepehr Brüderlin, Andreas Schwab; Solidarités Jeunesses France: Matina Deligianni, Anne Clotilde Schweizer and Anaïs Peigneux; Legambiente Italy: Paola Tartabini, Fabio Brandoni. Wednesday On August 7th  2019...

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OrtoMondo in Paestum

Cultivating the garden, exchanging seeds from the countries of origin, sharing knowledge and effort but also good fruits and satisfactions. OrtoMondo, the garden cultivated by the guests of a reception center in Paestum on a land otherwise...

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