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Restoration of tourist signs in the Costa di Carro park

The territory of Scicli is rich in historical-naturalistic areas to which, unfortunately, constant maintenance and care is not dedicated. Over the last few years, some associations have been trying to redevelop these areas with extraordinary cleaning actions, eliminating brushwood and cleaning up abandoned waste.
The Circolo Legambiente Kiafura, together with the associations Esplorambiente and Cava d’Alinga d’Alinga, has identified a particularly interesting path from a botanical and naturalistic point of view that develops along a part of the coast of Scicli, between the hamlets of Cava d’Aliga (Costa di Carro) and Sampieri.
This path, about 4 km long, winds through the rocky coasts scattered with lush dune vegetation, which features numerous halophytic species such as the sea ravine, the calcatreppola, the marine erythree, the marsh reed.
Very characteristic is a large stretch of cliff colonized by vegetation adapted to brackish areas such as mastic, fragile ephedra, sweepers, saliconia, agave, but above all the dwarf palm.
On the rocks, there are many corrosion pans formed by sea water, in which, during the summer season, sea salt deposits are formed by evaporation.
The area is recognized as an extra-urban park of Costa di Carro and in order to be enhanced and enjoyed by visitors it requires copious routine maintenance, as well as the restoration of wooden tourist signs.
And this is exactly what our volunteers will do, thanks to the collaboration between associations and the coordination of Ignazio Trova: carpentry activities aimed at restoring tourist signs.