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INVOLVE “Virtual educational tour”

The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly changed our lives and our projects, but the volunteers involved in the INVOLVE project did not allow themselves to be discouraged and adapted their activities to the needs of such a particular moment.
“Virtue of necessity”, as an Italian saying reminds us, our volunteers transformed the “physical” tour through the various hubs into video-stories that could virtually reach them all, to increase their capacity and exchange of experiences, documenting the activities and the testimonies of all those who engage every day in our social integration project through environmental and cultural volunteering.
The love for the territory and the care of the common goods unite people and make them communities, and in the videos some good practices carried out by our hubs to build and experiment a new idea of ​​European citizenship are told and described.

“Volunteering activities represent an excellent opportunity to develop cohesion between people from different countries who find themselves living in the same territory – declared Stefano Ciafani, president of Legambiente Nazionale -. Taking care of a public space, engaging in the enhancement of a common good or participating in social activities for the benefit of the community, are actions that are good at 360 °, because they allow foreign citizens to engage and feel useful by expanding their network of relationships and because they allow even the smallest local communities to open up to the world and find new support in young immigrants, giving rise to natural and solid processes of integration ”.

Here is the link to the playlist: