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18th Special edition of “CLEAN UP THE WORLD” in Rovigo


More than 30 volunteers joined the 18th edition of Clean Up the World, the historic Legambiente campaign that for some years has also seen the active participation of the INVOLVE project in Rovigo. Taking care of the territory and working for solidarity and social inclusion: this year citizens and volunteers cleaned the cycle path and the Lisieux park to say NO to disposable and to emphasize the importance of sustainable lifestyles also in the face of the increase in the use of plastics caused by the pandemic. At the end of the cleaning, the Legambiente Rovigo club also presented the local data from the Park litter dossier, a monitoring that its volunteers carried out safely during the months of the pandemic as part of the INVOLVE European project in the city parks.

Three waste per square meter, plastic in first place (77.8%), made up of cigarette butts, fragments and disposable products: this is the result of the survey conducted by Legambiente Rovigo volunteers in recent months, collecting and identifying waste in parks, delimiting a sample area of ​​100 m2 in each. Nationally, the monitoring data carried out on 73 parks tell us about an average of 4 waste per square meter, and plastic is always the master – with 60% of the waste found – while the most present type is that of cigarette butts. cigarette (33% of the total).

In order to better protect green areas and improve their management, Legambiente Rovigo has drawn up five concrete proposals to help citizens take care of their territory:

– Dissemination of separate waste collection in every city park through the installation of special bins with lids, in order to avoid the dispersion of waste;

– Equip the baskets with ashtrays or install specific ones for the disposal of cigarette butts, especially near the benches;

– Equip the refreshment areas, where there are tables and benches, with additional baskets for separate collection, to prevent waste from being disposed of incorrectly;

– Raise awareness and encourage the use of green areas through the involvement of citizens and neighborhood associations and committees in voluntary and active citizenship actions;

– Install information signs in language on the rules for proper waste disposal at the entrance to parks and green areas.

Here the Park litter dossier: