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World Refugee Day in Veynes

It was a really nice day last Sunday in Veynes. Our French hub has organized a festival with games, music, dances, stories and food from all over the world.

The local population of Veynes, the citizens of third countries of the temporary reception center of the France Terre d’Asile organization, the volunteers of Les Villages des Jeunes thus celebrated the World Refugee Day together.

Thanks to Ville de Veynes and to all those who are committed to the success of the day: Ludambule itinerant playroom, Cellulose Tint, Haut Buëch Night Fever, Association T’es Rien sans la Terre, France terre d’Asile, La Cimade, Hauts Pays Alpins Resource Center, Claude Mery and Solidarités Jeunesses.