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Rovigo – Training of local administrations – second cycle

In Rovigo, our hub has resumed its activities at full speed, even if reshaped due to a pandemic.

In fact, the second cycle of thematic in-depth meetings for the training of Administrations “Reception, integration and local development: a strategy to improve the common wealth of the territories” has started.

Starting from an analysis of the Inclusion Model carried out by the INVOLVE Technical Committee, in each pilot location of the project, discussions and participatory planning must be started, aimed at the representatives of the Institutions and the representatives of the civil society organizations of the territory.

In continuity with the training and information meetings of a general nature held this summer, the path currently proposed focuses on the territories of our Italian pilot locations (Capaccio-Paestum, Rovigo and Scicli).

In particular, in Rovigo INVOLVE is aimed at second generation foreign citizens.

In the three scheduled meetings, always on the online platform, the critical issues, strengths and, more generally, the needs of the territory will be analyzed and discussed, in order to develop common strategies and projects that can mitigate difficulties and improve integration capacity and the inclusion of third country nationals (TCNs) in local communities.

Here is the complete program:

February 9th , from 4 to 7 pm

From the INVOLVE Inclusion Model to the mapping of the needs and criticalities of the territory

The meeting, starting from a shared reading and analysis of the INVOLVE Inclusion Model, aims to create a mapping of the main critical issues and needs of the area.

February 17, from 4 to 7 pm

Participatory mapping: a social survey tool

During the meeting, the contributions made by the students of the local schools involved in the INVOLVE project will be discussed and analyzed. The mapping will then be reworked thanks to this further participatory process.

February 24th, from 4 to 7 pm

From social survey to territorial co-planning

The purpose of the meeting is the development of common strategies and projects to improve the integration and inclusion of third-country nationals in the territory; promote and raise awareness of diversity; making communities more cohesive and resilient; bring a benefit to all citizens.