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#puliamoilmondodaipregiudizi – Paestum

Not just an initiative to care for and clean the land of abandoned waste. Since 1993 – the year of the first Italian edition – to date, with Clean the World Legambiente has promoted the livability and the beauty of the places, telling an Italy that is committed and participates to make community through actions of active citizenship. Thus the INVOLVE hub of Paestum, together with Legambiente, organized a #puliamoilmondodaipregiudizi with the workers of the YanFeng company and with the Friends of the Bicycle of Naples, who brought the reflective jackets to be distributed to the boys they live in reception centers and use bikes to get around. There were also middle and high school students together with the children of the reception centers of Capaccio Paestum, united for a better world to build together.