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News from Villages des jeunes, hub of Veynes

In this very special summer, in the community center of Veynes, Villages des jeunes, various international volunteer camps were still able to take place despite the difficult health context. In fact, thanks to the dynamism of the partners of the community center, each of these camps was able to welcome groups of 2 to 4 young volunteers from third countries residing in the region.

  • Teenagers working group in the Bosquet chalets

From 19 July to 1 August 2020, young volunteers set up a cistern to supply the Bosquet chalets with water, which are now ready to host families in difficulty.

  • Saint Genis adult working group

From 9 to 22 August 2020, 8 volunteers restored – and in some cases completely rebuilt – 7 meters of dry stone walls in the hiking trails.

  • Construction site for children in Arzeliers

Since 6 September, 9 volunteers have been restoring the remains of an ancient house in Arzeliers, a long-abandoned 11th-century village, in order to enhance the local architectural and historical heritage.