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Football fantasies

FOOTBALL, as well as MUSIC, is a universal language that favors RELATIONSHIPS and inclusion between people.

Yesterday, with our team from FC PORTO ALEGRE, we participated in the 5-a-side football tournament organized by the friends of the ASD SQUARE METICCIO in Padua.

A field between the buildings of the Pilastro district, in the center of the city, which the boys of the Association saved, with a determined struggle, from the aims of those who wanted to transform it into a large parking lot. Today that pitch has become a point of reference for the inhabitants of the qualrtiere, many of whom are immigrants, an authentic and interesting laboratory of POPULAR SPORT open to all.

Yesterday, on the occasion of the “TOURNAMENT FOR THE INCLUSION”, that field had something extraordinary, dressed in the colors and sounds of the party.

Lots of young people and children, numerous teams, some mixed, made up of boys and girls, all made up of players of different nationalities.

Other languages, a multitude of ethnic groups. The miracle of football, the world we would like.

There was also time for a healthy gastronomic contamination where MALLO (African rice and beef dish) married majestically with a special BEER (Mundaka, for the record) produced by a Paduan craft brewery.

The essay says: “The wake of a rolling ball has the same colors as the rainbow”.

And we stay in the wake …

Francesco Verza