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Concluding seminar on the INVOLVE inclusion model at Capaccio Paestum

The final seminar of the INVOLVE project on the model of inclusion developed and tested in 7 pilot locations will be held on Friday 29 October in the municipal library of Capaccio in Piazza Santini: two in France, three in Italy (including Capaccio Paestum) and two in Germany. The seminar is intended for local authorities and civil society organizations.

The model provides a series of proposals aimed at increasing opportunities for inclusion and integration, reducing inequalities, making local communities more welcoming and encouraging the participation of all citizens who live there. It is a reference framework designed specifically for local institutions and third sector organizations that intend to implement good reception and integration practices. It proposes a series of recommendations that can be adapted to local needs and contexts, so that local actors can plan and adopt the most appropriate strategic actions to promote the inclusion of third-country nationals in their community.

The primary objective is to offer support to civil society organizations and local institutions, with the aim of improving the governance of activities aimed at hospitality and inclusion.

“The INVOLVE project has managed to combine social environmentalism and scientific environmentalism – declares Pasquale Longo – involving dozens of citizens of third countries and many volunteers in the care of environmental and cultural assets through volunteer camps, debates, ethnic dinners, language courses, assistance legal, accompaniment to citizenship and autonomy. Finally, the birth of the OrtoMondo house represents at the same time a point of arrival that testifies to the success of the project and a starting point for a just ecological transition that places human regeneration at its center. ”

“It was a very engaging project from a human and social point of view – declares the councilor for Social Policies Mariarosaria Picariello – the municipal administration of Capaccio Paestum believes in the reasons for hospitality and will follow the housing experience with interest social OrtoMondo born from the INVOLVE project”.