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Professional photography course in France

In France Solidarités Jeunesses offers a professional photography course and a group of volunteers who wish to help the INVOLVE photographic image bank to represent and testify the actions and values ​​of our project.

Once trained, these volunteers will photograph the life of the community centers and contribute, among other things, to the creation of an INVOLVE exhibition.

The group, between 6 and 10 volunteers, will be accompanied by a professional for a year. The scheduled meetings will give rise to theoretical lessons and photographic practice workshops, all aimed at bringing out their own creativity in each one.

Forming a group around photography, meeting and expressing themselves through images, sharpening their gaze, this is what the participants must participate in these workshops.

The first session will take place from 25 to 27 September in Vaunières, in the community center of Veynes, PACA.